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This page follows the updates from our ambassadors!

Dilly was involved with the filming to help teachers understand neurodivergent children’s experiences of school and education. It will be released in Feburary, so keep an eye out!


Mason, one of our ambassador has created a podcast! His podcast is named ‘Crohn’s & Autism Awareness Advocate’. He speaks abut his own experiences with Crohn’s Disease and his autism. He speaks to a different person each week to hear about their experiences.


Here is a facebook video where the ambassadors came together and spoke about ADHD, mental health and range of other topics. It is so essential that we listen to the voices of young people. 

One of our brillant ambassador, Mason, has delivered a special presentation to sports leaders across the UK. Here is the link of the live recording as well as the resources. Well done Mason! 

As part of the ADHD/ mental health ambassadors group, in this video, Gabi speaks openly about her views. Gabi has only been with us for couple of months, but she has done amazingly well! 

Lois was our ambassador of the month in April and here in the video, she did a book review! what an amazing watch! 

The southend ambassador has come together in this video about how do we ensure that young people and schools in southend are more involved with the MSC. Hopefully in the future, we will have more schools and young people involved from southend!

Two of our ambassadors, Jonathon and Mason did the panel interview in search for our new team member! They did brilliantly well, well done! 

Our ambassador, Olivia, delivered a speech at Number 10, downing street! She spoke about her experiences in education. Well done Olivia, you have done brilliantly! 

Eva has thought of an idea to fundraise money for the MSC by creating calendar where the ambassadors got involved by sending photographs across. check out the story!

Rosie and Connell were invited to the Essex Teaching Awards where they delivered their speeches. They did brilliant! Check it out here –

Freya was featured on the One Show (on BBC one) to raise important awareness about Dyspraxia – well done!

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