In 2012, Charlie persuaded Active Essex to fund and run a Special School Games. Our Special School Games has since grown dramatically, providing the opportunity for thousands of young people to be involved, from the running of the event to taking part as competitors.

See here for more information on her Ambassador Programme.


Brian used to work for Active Essex at Essex County Council. He helped create Charlie’s Special School Games and introduce Essex County Council to the Multi School Council. 


Toby came up with the idea of hosting the Multi Schools talent show. He is key to breaking down perceptions around autism and ‘invisible’ disabilities. 

Wendy Smith

Wendy was a Paralympic athlete, representing Great Britain in the 2005 Paralympics in Athens as part of the wheelchair basketball team.

Gary Smith

Gary’s has been the headteacher at Market Field School for over 20 years. 

He was key to helping Kierran set up the Council.


Duncan runs the Market Field college site and helps provide links to college groups – a key aspect of breaking down perceptions before children leave the education system.


Connell went to Market Field School.  It is because of Connell that the Council now has a football team – he wrote Kierran a letter back in 2017 outlining his vision for a new MSC football team.


Harry is the lead coach at our Saturday morning football club. He is a great mentor for the children around him.


Mason coaches for the football team. He has also spoken out about Crohn’s Disease and is passionate about breaking down the perceptions towards people with specific health difficulties.


Justine is our lead Ambassador for music and song-writing.


We first saw Sam at one of our talent shows where he performed as a magician. Sam now attends secondary school and part of his role is to help build understanding in the secondary school context.


Gen is the author of our book, Sam and the Spider.


Kristel is a parent ambassador. She has great knowledge about the journey some of our children take through SEND education.


Elsie has contributed key ideas that have helped to shape our work on projects such as supporting refugees, anti-bullying and mental health awareness.


Harrison has contributed significantly to Multi School meetings over the years. Harrision has also set up visits to primary schools, a key part of breaking down perceptions towards children and young people with additional needs. He has been brave enough to speak out about his own mental health experiences in his school, raising awareness by doing so.


Pippa is a parent to two children with SEND. She has helped us put together a diabetes programme for schools, based on her experiences.


Jonathan was our head boy for 2019 – 2020. He has lead part of our meetings and spoken to parent groups about our work.


Kim was our head girl for 2019 – 2020. Kim is very passionate about ensuring schools and local communities accommodate to people who may a visual impairment.


Isla-Mae’s kindness and understanding towards others makes her a good role model.


William is passionate about helping others understand autism, particularly stimming and why people with autism act in the way they do.

Harry and Grace

Harry and Grace both played a key role in our Good Practice Seekers project.

Bethan and Rebecca

Bethan and Rebecca raise awareness through social media.


Jenson is well-connected with others who publicly speak about autism and other differences.


Callum helps break down perceptions towards children with SEMH difficulties (an area of SEND often misunderstood by many).


Matthew is a parent of a child who has SEND so he understands more than most the need for better understanding especially when it comes to school.


Annalese’s lived experience of living with a sibling with SEND means she can educate others.


Rosie shone through lockdown and is starting to raise awareness through the power of media. 


Nicole is a sports star for the future and has made a big impact in our MSC meetings coming up with the idea of our charity walk. 


Lisa a parent advacote with her own personal experiences and also experince from her working background on SEND and mental health. 


Alfie is keen to use his own personal experiences to break down perceptions in Secondary schools. 


Caitlin also sibling experience of SEN and is keen to support the ICT side of raising awareness. 


James bring so much energy to our group and is very keen to ensure more schools are getting involved in the multi-school’s council after he has been a key person in our North Essex meetings.


Sal is keen to raise awareness of gender differences and explore how we could engage people from the LGBT+ community and make the multi-schools council even more inclusive.


Lily joins her brother in becoming an ambassador and is passionate about raising awareness of autism in girls and is helping to ensure people understand how autism effects everyone differently.


Vicky is one of our parent ambassadors who has her own with additional needs, Vicky is helping us to build better connections in the community.


Matt is a teacher at an Essex school and was put forward by our ambassador Jonathan as he is very much committed to making a difference to young people with additional needs.


Amy is committed to making sure more young people and adults understand visual impairments, challenging these negative perceptions and using her own experiences to build understanding. 


Very similar to Amy above, Rose is also very keen to break down perceptions towards people with visual impairments through any ways possible.


Annie was recommended to us by our ambassador Connell as she does some great work with autism Anglia and will help to spread our messages further, especially when this links to autism.


Inspired by her sister Rosie, Jessica is one of our youngest ever ambassadors and brings some good early insights as her role as a school ambassador.


Ron is the dad of our ambassador Jonathan and experienced his own challenges while at school, this will help us to look at how things can be both positive and negative within education.


Casey does lots of work online to ensure there is more autism awareness and he will help to develop this side of work through the multi-schools council and continue to run his autism page through social media.


Reece has been involved with work towards ADHD awareness and improving his confidence, he will continue to do more towards ADHD and use his own experiences to inspire others.

Charlie H

Charlie was a great member of our resilience course and is very good at explaining his point of view and expressing his thoughts about people’s differences.


Keaton was one of our lockdown stars after getting involved in our wellbeing sessions and will be key to helping raise awareness about both ADHD and autism while also helping with our sports initiatives.


Zakk has also been involved in our resilience and confidence courses and has really blossomed throughout, we hope he will now help others to find their voices too.

Elsie F

Elsie has been on our radar for a while as she has been involved at school level with the multi-schools council and has some fantastic ideas on how to grow our work and improve connections between children.

Harrison MK 

Harrison got in contact with a local special needs school as he is really keen to make a difference in the community, especially towards how those with disabilities are seen. Harrison is a brilliant talker and will not only be an asset for public speaking roles but he will also be a good advocate for the many different areas.


Logan does lot’s of work online to raise awareness of peoples differences. He has a strong passion for music and drama and is able to use this talent to spread awareness. Logan will also help towards our fundraising efforts.


Nigel has been involved with us since the very start filming lots of videos for us about a range of differences. Nigel recently volunteered his time to come and lead the climb up Mount Snowdon and since become an ambassador.


We have now released lots of music via the children of the multi-schools but behind all of that has been Michael and studio 6. Michael has been brilliant when working with a range of children and ensure all the children have felt comfortable when getting involved.


Kaitlin has been a standout performer for many years in our MID Essex MSC meetings, becoming head girl two years in a row! Kaitlin brings some brilliant views to every meeting and has a great way of getting them across.


Steph contacted us and made us aware of all the brilliant work she is doing online and in her local community about a range of subjects. Steph has some clear plans on how to challenge negative perceptions and we know she will make a difference.


Andy wrote to us and told us about his own personal experiences of education. Andy is keen to build understanding about ADHD and will help some of our other ambassadors to do this.


We met Bella during one of our resilience group courses and she stood out straight away because of her brilliant engagement. Bella has learnt from her own experiences and we feel she will be a fantastic role model for many young people.


Isobel is the sister of one of our other ambassadors who has been heavily involved with us. Isobel wants to share her own experiences but also talk about what it’s like being a sibling of a child with additional needs and she will share some great knowledge here.


Lauren once performed via the TV show X-factor and helps to challenge negative perceptions through music. Lauren is keen to spread positive awareness about autism and will do this in several ways.


Dilly has joined our team and will be making a difference in her school and within other school projects. Dilly is really keen to help other children and spread awareness about some of the challenges she may have with health and different sensory aspects.


George is very passionate about challenging negative perceptions towards people with physical disabilities and creating more opportunities for all. George is playing a key role in our disability sports awareness group and is helping to educate others.


We met Oscar as part of our second good practice seekers cohort and he spoke brilliantly about what makes an inclusive school. Oscar joins our ADHD awareness group and will help support the awareness programmes that we have developed in schools. 


Kelsey applied to be an ambassador after seeing some of our work via social media. Kelsey is keen to help with different groups to help young adults find the support they need. Kelsey has helped us to share content and will also join many of our different work groups.


Jo was an excellent SENCO who worked with us for years and helped two of our key ambassadors get involved in what we do. Jo will be an excellent an ambassador for us with some great knowledge and experience we can use.


We first met Jake during one of our ADHD awareness sessions at his school. Jake was so good at explaining ADHD from his perspective and has now joined our group focused on this area. Jake is keen to support several our groups and will be a great addition to our team.


We have known Henry for several years after working closely with his school. Henry has always been brilliant during our sessions and honest about different things. Henry done a good video for us following an ADHD session and we will look to build on this moving forwards.


Sarah is a parent and joins our team as an adult with autism and ADHD. Sarah wishes to share her own experiences and help challenge negative perceptions towards people with different abilities.


Amelia-May stood out for us during several sessions at her school. Amelia-May gives some great views on different differences and showed lots of enthusiasm during our sessions.


Kate is another one who stood out during our school visits and has been enthusiastic in all our sessions. We first met Kate during lockdown as she joined our online sessions for resilience and was great during these. Kate will be great at inspiring others through her own experiences.


Ava-Grace also stood out during a resilience session held at her school. Ava-Grace was brilliant at talking about her feelings and emotions as part of the session and will be a great addition to our mental health team.


Lois is again another inspiring young person we met on our travels to different schools across the county. Lois gave a great insight into autism and spoke of different way’s she had learnt about it. Lois is so enthusiastic and will be a great addition to our team.

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